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AIM-Automated Information Management Corporation (AIMCORP) is a Management Consulting company with the commitment and conviction to provide affordable, accessible, and responsive management consulting, professional consulting, and software solutions consulting services to the public and private sectors.  With offices in Ottawa and Victoria, AIMCORP is focused on helping senior managers bridge the gap between technology solutions and business problems to ensure efficiency and effectiveness are optimized from a business perspective.

AIMCORP is recognized for delivering value-added services and training in the areas of Business Process Reengineering, Activity Based Costing/Management, Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement/Management, Continuity Planning, Electronic Commerce, Smartcard, Strategic Information Systems Planning, Project Management, and Rapid Application Development. Capitalizing on the corporate knowledge amassed in the above areas, AIMCORP has published numerous articles, gaining recognition as one of the premiere service providers in the fields of Activity Based Management, Performance Measurement and Business Process Reengineering. 

AIMCORP is founded on the concept of a client centric organization, focusing on the provision of consulting and training services to meet both the current business needs and the future needs of clients. AIMCORP is a group of highly qualified professionals that combine their collective knowledge and education excellence with hands-on experience in all levels of government, as well as other industries such as telecom, banking, retail and manufacturing. AIMCORP is also recognized for providing global solutions, conducting international work in the United States of America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

As a company, AIMCORP has been promoting the value of management information by developing and implementing processes and systems to maximize the relevance and availability of performance information to support management decision-making. With specific experience in the field, AIMCORP has developed proprietary methodologies and approaches with the flexibility to be customized and thus responsive to the specific needs of our current and future clients.

A recent list of our clients include:

  • The Ministry of Health Services;
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
  • Canada Custom and Revenue Agency;
  • Department of National Defence;
  • Defence Research and Development Canada;
  • Environment Canada;
  • Human Resources and Development Canada;
  • Industry Canada;
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada;
  • Heritage Canada;
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police;
  • Transport Canada;
  • Finance Canada;
  • Office of the Auditor General Canada;
  • Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications;
  • Canada Post Corporation;
  • Statistics Canada; and
  • Indian Northern Affairs Canada.

Our clients understand that management information alone, without analysis and action will not produce results. Working in partnership with our project teams, our clients have been able to achieve improved client services, increased transparency and accountability, increased productivity, reduced operating costs and increased operational effectiveness. Our services help organizations, like yours, AIM for success.

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