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Business Intelligence:

Course Description:

Organizations are inundated with data.  The challenge is to turn that data into useful information and knowledge that is readily available to the right people, at the right time.  Business intelligence tools provide an opportunity to organize and map data in a manner that enables improved navigation while transforming seemingly disparate pieces of data into meaningful representations.

Course Outlines:

Module 1 - Overview


  • Business Intelligence (BI) concepts and approaches

  • Identifying data sources

  • Mapping data sources

  • Designing data cubes

  • BI tools

  • Navigating data cubes

  • Real public sector examples


Module 2 - Dat Mapping and Data Design


  • Business Intelligence (BI) concepts and approaches

  • Identifying and analyzing data sources

  • Mapping data elements

  • Developing datamarts

  • Designing data cubes

  • Developing data cubes

  • Updating and sustaining data cubes


Module 3 - Navigating Data Cubes


  • Business Intelligence (BI) concepts and approaches

  • Understanding what is in the data cube

  • Finding information within the cube

  • Interpreting results


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