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Business Process Reengineering:

Course Description:

Government wide resource reduction exercises over the years have left many departments feeling the pressure of having to continue to deliver the same level of service as in the past, but with reduced budgets.  In addition, new trends in the delivery of web-based services have provided options greater than ever available in the past.  As such, there is a continual need for government departments to understand and improve business processes with the intention to: 

  • Ensure effective services to clients;
  • Maximize resources; and
  • Capitalize upon new technologies.

Our business transformation methodology provides organizations with an opportunity to:   

  • Identify, define and map business processes;

  • Analyze and redesign business processes;

  • Ensure redesigned business processes support the strategic direction of the organization;

  • Incorporate technologies to enable redesigned business processes;

  • Redesign organizational structures to enable redesigned business processes; and

  • Effectively manage implementation and change within the organization.

Our methodology incorporates the best practices and lessons learned through the conduct of numerous business transformation projects throughout the government.

Course Outlines:

Module 1 - Overview


  • Reengineering concepts and approaches

  • Planning and managing your reengineering efforts

  • Establishing strategic direction for your transformation

  • Defining current environments

  • Analyzing current environments

  • Redesigning current environments

  • Measuring the improvement

  • Implementation planning

  • Change management

  • Real public sector examples


Module 2 - Process Mapping


  • Process mapping concepts and approaches

  • Process mapping tools

  • Process mapping techniques

  • Developing process models

  • Validating process models

  • Utilizing process models

  • Real public sector examples


Module 3 - Process Analysis and Redesign


  • Process analysis concepts and approaches

  • Process analysis tools and techniques

  • Utilizing process metrics

  • Benchmarking

  • Redesigning processes

  • Redesigning service delivery

  • Redesigning organizational structures

  • Utilizing technology to further increase efficiency

  • Measuring improvements

  •  Real public sector examples


Module 4 - Change Management


  • Understanding and communicating the need for change

  • Managing the factors that influence change

  • Tools and techniques

  • Real public sector examples


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