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Selected Projects
 Business/System Analysis Projects:
  • Conducted a project for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to design and define processes for the proactive and reactive resolution of data quality issues and problems within the new Global Case Management System (GCMS)

  • Conducted a project for Health Canada to identify and assess the information and knowledge management requirements of staff and processes across the Food Directorate; 

  • Conducted a project for Industry Canada to assess the requirements for a knowledge management system within two sectors.  Developed knowledge management concepts and assessed the capabilities of various automated tools for enabling these approaches.  Coordinated pilot efforts to test the capabilities of knowledge management tools and capture lessons learned for future rollout efforts; 

  • Conducted a project to define, validate and refine end user and functional requirements for an Electronic Records Management System within Industry Canada.  Conducted a series of focus group sessions within HQ and Regions.  Analyzed various knowledge management tools to determine the extent to which these tools could enable Records Management requirements; 

  • Assisted the RCMP with the definition and refinement of the roles and responsibilities associated with the Information Management, Systems, and Technology Committee (Deputy Commissioners Committee). Also, developed the RCMP Partnership Model, defining the roles and responsibilities associated with the process to develop informatics solutions. This model defines the Task Force structure, membership criteria, reporting scenarios, and specific responsibilities for the user and for Informatics; 

  • Conducted a project to reengineer and optimize document management processes for the NSA/NSH Project Management Office of DND

  • Provided management direction for a Strategic Information Planning study for Finance Canada

  • Conducted JAD sessions to validate business and information models for the Engineering and Architecture branch of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

  • Developed the Five Year Technology Plan (Strategic Information Systems Plan) for Citibank Canada.  Also developed Service Level Agreements and documented the skills inventory and based on the service level agreements, recommended appropriate training courses; 

  • Conducted a Strategic Business Analysis for the Executive Services Branch of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. A part of this initiative was to define requirements for utilizing "Full Text Retrieval" capability for their Executive Correspondence Branch; 

  • Managed the Corporate Sales Automation Project with an initial budget of $6.5 million for Canada Post Corporation

  • Developed a strategy to reengineer the Operational Statistical Reporting (OSR) System for the RCMP

  • Managed the User Requirements phase of the Customer Shipping Systems Project with an approved project budget of $13 million for Canada Post Corporation.  As a result of the efforts, pilots were successfully installed at client sites in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa to replace manual shipping paper work; and 

  • Conducted a study to develop a framework for implementing and supporting the departmental Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology, METHOD/1 within Director Information Systems Delivery (DND). 

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