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Selected Projects
 Business Continuity Planning and Risk Management Projects:
  • As a subcontractor, responsible for the development of the Y2K Contingency Plan for the Receiver General Banking and Payments Mission Critical Systems within Public Works and Government Services Canada.  Also supported the development of Contingency Plans in the departmental mission critical areas of Compensation and Central Accounting and Reporting.  Played a key role in the implementation of contingency plans in preparation for the Y2K rollover; 

  • As a subcontractor, developed the Y2K Contingency Plan for the departmental mission critical systems associated with Ministerial Correspondence within Heritage Canada

  • Developed alternate/backup site criteria and participated in site selection for Business continuity in the NCR for Environment Canada.  Facilitated completion of Business Resumption Plans for all the departmentís government and department wide mission-critical facilities; 

  • As a subcontractor, provided facilitation to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Network and Computer Services (NCS) to develop Contingency Planning elements associated with supporting the Government Wide Mission Critical Systems and Processes; and 

  • Conducted a project to assess the requirements for a Quality Management System within the Defence Research and Development Branch.  Developed a risk management framework to analyze risk factors and assess the validity and strength of drivers for implementing an ISO approach within the Branch.

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