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Selected Projects
 Financial Results Based Management Planning and Reporting Projects:
  • Currently conducting a project to document and evaluate the funding mechanisms within Public Works and Government Services Canada with the objective to recommend the most effective mechanisms for the many and varied programs within the department; 

  • Conducted a project to design, develop and implement an integrated planning web tool and process for Health Canada’s Safe Environments Programme, capturing HR, Financial, Performance and Risk parameters within the detailed project plans of the program; 

  • Managed the project to implement an integrated planning, budgeting and in-year management model across all of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).  Implemented processes, tools and training to support the integration of Financial, HR, Planning, Performance, Costing and the Program Activity Architecture (PAA) within the strategic planning process; 

  • Conducted a project to develop a Standard Costing Model for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to support cost recovery/shared agreements, Memorandum to Cabinet/Treasury Board Submission costing, and financial business planning.  This included the development of cost factors and a corporate allocation model to ensure departments activities and outputs are fully costed in a consistent and transparent manner; 

  • For the Department of National Defence, conducted a project to implement a financial, results and Program Activity Architecture (PAA) based datamart, business intelligence cubes and reports to support planning, analysis and reporting across the department; 

  • Conducted a project to implement a financial and results information datamart, business intelligence cubes and reports to support planning, analysis and reporting across Safe Environments Programme within Health Canada

  • Managed a project to implement a Financial Information Tool (FIT) to facilitate the rollout of an integrated departmental planning process across Environment Canada.   Designed, developed and implemented processes and web tool modules for planning, costing and financial situation reporting based upon the departmental Program Activity Architecture (PAA);  

  • For Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducted a project to design a methodology and approach to capturing, analyzing and reporting integrated cost performance information across the Agency; 

  • Conducted a project to implement a results based data warehouse and reporting tool to support the performance measurement of the Social Development Canada’s Grant and Contribution programs;  

  • For Department of National Defence, conducted a project to develop and implement a set of financial tools to manage the capture and reporting of performance information against the departments Program Activity Architecture (PAA); 

  • For Department of National Defence, conducted a project to develop and implement a series of business intelligence cubes to support departmental financial management processes and external reporting requirements; 

  • For Environment Canada, conducted a project to develop and document the Costing Guidelines to support the department’s move to a results based budgeting regime that requires annual costing at the workplan level to develop annual budget requirements; 

  • Conducted a project for Environment Canada Financial Planning, Reporting and Analysis to analyze and determine the requirements for an enhanced planning and reporting database and business intelligence tool set; 

  • Conducted a project for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to develop a framework for implementing a balanced scorecard approach to performance measurement across the department; 

  • For Citizenship and Immigration Canada, conducted a project to design, develop and implement a performance measurement model and prototype system aimed at measuring the performance of the Global Case Management System; 

  • For Department of National Defence (DND), as part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to provide management consulting and professional services to support comptrollership and accounting initiatives within the department, conducted the following tasking to date: 

    • Analysis and update of capital asset inventory and valuations for Land, Maritime and Air environments for the year 2001/2002;

    • Analysis and reconciliation of accounting imbalances within the contractor holdback accounts within the FMAS (SAP) for Materiel Group;

    • Development and delivery of Accrual Accounting training to managers across the department;

    • Development and implementation of asset accounting procedures within FMAS (SAP) and MASIS (SAP) for the Maritime environment of Materiel Group;

    • Provision of costing expertise to support the development of business cases;

    • Provision of ABC Modeling in Land and Military HR environments;

    • Develop of Strategic Cost Management Model for ADM (HR-Mil); and

    • Definition and analysis of CFHA financial system requirements.

  • For the Transportation Safety Board (TSB), developed and implemented testing and quality assurance plans and procedures to ensure the successful implementation of the federal government’s Financial Information Strategy (FIS); 

  • As a subcontractor, managed the development and deployment of Returning Officer Pay System (ROPS) for Elections Canada;   

  • As a subcontractor, reviewed assets management and control processes/systems; financial management, accounting and reporting processes/systems; decision making and management processes; and human resource and organizational frameworks to identify the gaps and requirements for transitioning to a FIS compliant environment for the DND Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA).  Developed the detailed implementation plan and coordinated the successful conduct of the activities required for implementation; and 

  • Conducted a project to assess the functionality, compatibility, and readiness of the existing Asset Systems, including the Fixed Asset Module in Merlin (Oracle Financial System) for becoming FIS compliant in an efficient, integrated and user friendly manner for Environment Canada.

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