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Selected Projects
 Information Technology Projects:
  • Conducted a project for the Treasury Board CIO Branch PKI Office to develop and cost the registration and support models associated with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) initiative aimed at digitally identifying individuals and corporations for Government On-Line Business; 

  • As a subcontractor, participated in a Business Process Reengineering study to identify, define, and document Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) business needs and opportunities for maximizing the effective use of CADD/CAFM/GIS technologies; 

  • As an alliance partner with Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems, developed a communications product (E-Mail, EDI and Messaging) to provide a "User Interface Utility" for Canada Post Corporation's commercial e-mail package.  Provided directions for developing and piloting the software package; 

  • Conducted a business reengineering study for Statistics Canada as part of the corporate intention to initiate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This project included providing direction for the development of a prototype to demonstrate functionality for the processing of a requisition; 

  • Managed a study to assess the feasibility of implementing Smartcard applications in national parks for access control and financial transactions for Environment Canada.  Based on the investigation, recommended the installation of "Self-Serve Devices" capable of dealing with the Smartcard, Credit Card, and Cash in various currencies together with an interface in several languages; 

  • Managed the development of a strategy for utilizing advanced training technologies for Transport Canada.  Also included was the development of a framework and advanced training architecture to aid in implementing the training technologies; and 

  • Evaluated the Priority Setting Model (Expert System) for the director of IT strategy of Canada Post Corporation.

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