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Federal Government Managers face many challenges in today’s environment.   Recent expenditure reviews, cuts and freezes have stretched human and financial resources thin.  More and more demands are being put on employees to perform with less and less.  A flexible, timely, practical and cost effective means of transferring knowledge, through coaching and training, to employees is critical to preparing organizations for dealing with the challenges of an evolving federal public service.      

AIMCORP has developed a suite of knowledge solutions capitalizing on over ten years of practical experience with the federal government.   Our knowledge solutions can help you and your organization deal with the challenges today’s public sector manager’s face. 

AIMCORP has many years of experience in these topics as practitioners, and our experience shows that the most effective training is relevant and practical.  We make our training relevant by understanding your needs upfront, and designing the delivery based upon your needs.  Our training is practical because we are conveying the lessons learned and best practices from years of experience.  Our training offerings are inexpensive, as we do not charge on a per person basis, we have flat fees for training courses. 

Our training offerings are unique in the following key ways:  

  • Customized to your organization’s needs
  • Customized to the context of your organization, relating examples and exercises to the real challenges of your organization
  • Customized to the needs of the audience (i.e. Working level, managers, senior management)
  • Capitalizes upon the experience gained as practitioners, transferring that to your organization
  • Flexible to accommodate individuals, small groups or larger groups
  • Specifically designed to meet challenges of implementing business like management practices within government environments.
  • Specifically drawing linkages to Treasury Board (and other government wide) initiatives.

Our training is offered in the areas we see our clients struggling with on a day to day basis.  It offers practical approaches to implementing complex methodologies in a simple manner, with a government environment. 

We offer courses that are delivered in two ways: 

  • Classroom Training – Scheduled 2 day courses delivered in Ottawa in which participants from across different organizations register and participate; and
  • In-House Training – Training at your site (or another convenient location if necessary), focused on: your organization’s current needs; your current level of expertise (i.e. Beginner, intermediate, advanced); your audience (i.e. working level, managers, senior management); the context of your organization – how this could be applied in your environment; and meeting small or large group needs.

For more information on the types of training delivery offered, please click here.

Our current topics are focused on the specific challenges government organizations face, as well as the specific linkages with departmental and government wide initiatives.  Please click the following topics for details: 

Click here for the current schedule of classroom training for 2005.  

Please contact us via email or by phone at 613-825-4559 for more information on meeting your training needs.


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