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Selected Projects
Project Management Projects:
  • For the Department of National Defence, conducted a project to updating the following key Project Documents required by the Polar Epsilon Defence Management System:  Concept of Operations, Statement of Operational Requirements and the Project Charter; 

  • For the Department of National Defence, edited the technical Network Enabled Operations (NEOPs) Concept Paper called “DND/CF Network Enabled Operations:  Keystone Document” to support the Strategic Level initiative; 

  • For the Department of National Defence, Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre (CFEC) oversaw the expansion of CFEC from a small cadre of personnel to a full-fledged unit seeking its Initial Operating Capability. This involved the preparation of detailed costing estimates for the SS (PPA) in accordance with Defence Management System guidelines;

  • For the Department of National Defence, generated and analyzed options for the various components comprising a Concept Development & Experimental Capability.  Conducted options analysis in terms of the requirements for a physical structure including its location as well as the financial and human resources required to support the structure;

  • For the Soldier Systems Program of Department of National Defence, currently providing project resources to support the ongoing implementation and delivery of a new clothing strategy to support uniform requirements; and 

  • For the Departmental of National Defence, conducted a project to lead the development, writing and detailed control of the 2006 ARDENT SENTRY Field Exercise as it applies to Canadian Forces (CF) participation in the exercise.

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